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About Us

COSMIC PRIMATE TATTOO is located at the intersection of Byberry Rd. and South York Rd. in the heart of the Borough of Hatboro, PA. Our shop is a clean and friendly environment where you can feel comfortable working with our artists to create a beautiful and unique tattoo design and experience. We have several talented artists providing premium custom tattoos varying in all styles.
Hard working, talented artists, dedicated to providing custom, high quality tattoos.


Meet our two tattoo artists Ray Petty & Ryan Lebiedzinski

Tattoo Artist


Tattoo Artist


Tattoo Artist


Tattoo Artist

Important: While your new tattoo is healing, you CANNOT SWIM, TAN, OR PICK SCABS. Do not submerge your healing tattoo underwater for long periods of time.  A healing tattoo will become itchy. Resist all urges to scratch it. If you need relief, pat it or slap it lightly, DO NOT SCRATCH IT.


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  • Blog Mission Statement

    I would like to use this Blog for various things including helping to educate people on the process of tattooing. Through documenting my process, I feel that people can learn everything from how tattoos are designed to how they are applied and what people go through during the tattoo process. I’d…

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(215) 675-1850

136 S. York Rd, Hatboro, Pennsylvania